Money trees

On my latest run, I had an idea for how I would raise money in a manageable way. Here’s my plan. I’m going to group marathons into sets of five, and for each race in the group, I’m going to increase the amount I raise by a constant multiple, starting at a base number for the first race in that set. Confused?  Me too, but I tend to over complicate things. Here’s a nerdy, but simple formula to figure it out:

Money = B x F (N-1)


N = race number (1 to 5);

B = base for that sequence of five races (seed dollar amount);

F = race set exponential factor.

Yeah, this is the shit I think about when I run.

The idea here is that I can plan my fundraising in five race increments. If I’m feeling slow or less ambitious, I choose a low base number, B, and a low factor, F.

As I do more races, I choose a higher base number and factor.

For the first five marathons, I’m selecting a base of B = 100 with a factor of F = 2, which means my fundraising goals for the first five races are $100, $200, $400, $800, and $1600 respectively. For the next five I might do B = 200, F = 2 or maybe B = 25, F = 3.

Hopefully you see where I’m going with this. It allows me to mentally chunk races together. The first five are going to be a “100, 2” round. The next five may be “200, 2” round or a “25, 3” round. It’s a way for me to tailor my training intensity and match my fundraising ambitions to it. I apologize for the math and analytics.  It’s the electrical engineer in me coming out.

So all of this nonsense was a long way of saying, my goal for the Baltimore race is to raise $100. Totally manageable, I can even just self-fund it myself.


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