Pre-training week 7 – (Race #3)

Although my mileage this week wasn’t great, it was a bit of an intense week from an exercise point of view.  I worked out five days this week, which isn’t an insane amount.  The intense part came on Saturday when I did a back to back Vinyasa Yoga class and a strength training class for one hour each.  The yoga class was pretty challenging, and the strength training classes is one of the more rigorous ones that I take.  So although I did not hit my mileage goal, I feel like this week was a win.


As of now, I have been building my base for exercise but not for nutrition or sleep.  I am trying to change that.  On the nutrition side, I have a couple of appointments set up with a nutritionist to get my diet right for marathon training.  I don’t usually go hard for these types of appointments, mainly because they are expensive and I feel like with enough research I can put together a plan myself.  But I do have two free nutrition counseling classes so I am going to use those.


On the sleep side, I have been trying to get to bed earlier, and trying to hit an 8 hour sleep night when I can.  I feel like there’s this weird thing in our culture that you can’t admit to how much sleep you actually try/want to get.  It’s almost like being sleep deprived is a badge of honor that we carry around to prove how dedicated we are to our life commitments like work and family.  By admitting that you’ve slept a lot, it’s somehow admitting that you’re not “all in” for whatever responsibilities you have.  All I know is that the more I sleep, the more productive I am–in my personal, professional and active lives.  So, I prioritize it.  8 hours of sleep per night is my goal and I ain’t ashamed to say it!


Below are my workout stats for this week (5/16 to 5/22).  Overall, I ran twice for a total of 10.4 miles.  Short of my 15 mile goal, but I feel ok about it given the other amount of exercise I was able to do.  So I’m keep my goal at 15 for next week.

I am still planning to start my actual marathon training on the week of July 25.  This gives me 12 weeks of training before the Baltimore Marathon.




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