Run groups and running in Gaza

This week I joined a run group offered by my local gym. We did a four mile route and it was nice to run with other people. I’ve never joined or participated in a run group before but I would like to now run with a group fairly consistently. 

I also came across this story on Al Jazeera. Good reminder that while we may complain at times, about the weather or crowded streets, some people would just love to be able to run any where they want. 


Pre-training week 4 – (Race #3)

This is the first week that I fell off the wagon.  There wasn’t much of a reason for it except that I have not been getting nearly as much sleep as I usually need.  I also traveled to Charleston for one day this week to be with my mom for a doctor’s appointment.  Not making excuses, but just a tough week to fit in running.
I ran a total of zero miles this week.  I don’t know what that does to my training, but plan is to keep my goal for week 5 the same as what it was for week 4:  10.25 miles.  I don’t expect to change my training schedule, I’ll just see where I’m at before I start the regular marathon training week.