Run Pictures

Statute of Marquis de Lafayette, Lafayette Square, Washington DC:

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Daughters of the American Revolution Founders Statue, Constitution Hall, Washington DC:  

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Washington Monument looking southeast, 18th and C NW, Washington DC:

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Organization of American States, Statute to Queen Isabella of Castille, Washington DC:


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My beautiful run/ride partner and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out coach:


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Jackson Memorial Statue, Lafayette Square, Washington DC:


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Summer softball on the Ellipse:





Pre-training week 12 – (Race #3)

I can’t really believe that it’s been 12 weeks since I started pre-training.  I realized last night that I’m turning into an addict.  Before heading to bed, I was calculating the miles I needed to run today to hit my mpw, and I got so excited about running the 5 miles to get there that I couldn’t fall asleep.  I don’t think it’s really because I was excited to run 5 miles, but rather, I think it’s the idea of steadily setting a goal and hitting it, or coming close, week after week.  So if anything, I’ve learned that about myself.  That I have a tendency to be goal-oriented, and I’ll hit waves of happiness or self-loathing depending on whether I achieve them.  So note to self:  set realistic goals.


Below is a summary of my runs this week.  This was entirely a cardio-heavy week.  I didn’t do any weights or strength training at all, which is pretty atypical for me.  I did join a basketball league with friends, so in addition to the runs, I’ve been hitting that pretty hard.

Overall, this week I ran exactly 18 miles.  The goal for this week was 17.8, so woohoo!




Given my 18 mpw, the goal for next week is up 10% to 19.8.  Didn’t even need a calculator for that.


TWIR (This Week In Running)

What happened this week:  let’s see, in the news the United Kingdom voted to exit the EU (the “Brexit”).  The USMNT got smoked by Argentina in the Copa America, and then lost the third place game to Colombia.  Personally, it’s been a bit hectic.  Had a few procedures early this week (more later on it).  I started the aforementioned basketball league I’m playing in with friends.  Fairly busy week at work.  The weekend was great, spent some quality time with several different groups of friends.  On the home front, things with my mom have been going well, and she is progressing well with her battle against renal cell carcinoma.  Overall, nothing specific of note, but just a lot of things that make things seem a bit busier than usual.

Pre-training week 11 – (Race #3)

I hit my mark this week.  My goal was to run 16.2 miles, and I got there over three runs (four recorded runs because I did two today).


I did notice a few things.  First, the humidity in DC is starting to amp up, and so runs have to be done in the morning.  Second, I’ve noticed significant differences in my run performance based on my nutrition.  I definitely felt carb depleted on two of my three runs, which felt like I was burning fat to create energy, which from what I understand is really inefficient.


I’ve decided that I should do a quick This Week In Running (“TWIR”) just to track the time while I’m on this journey.  Nothing crazy happened this week:  took a wood working class, saw Ali Wong do standup in DC, hung out with some friends, enjoyed the DC summer.  Overall, a good week, with not much to report.  Given the craziness of the last many weeks, I am very happy with exactly that.


Here’s a summary:  16.2 miles this week over three runs.  The goal for next week is 17.8 miles.



Race Report: 2016 Lawyers Have Heart 10k

On Saturday, I ran the Lawyers Have Heart 10k in DC.  It’s the third time in four years that I have run this race.  It starts in Georgetown and goes through Foggy Bottom, down to the National Mall and back.



Overall, the race went well.  It was actually a lot of fun, because I ran with a friend of mine and his friend.  We were talking the whole time, and by the end of the 6.2 miles, you kind of just realized that you finished the race without thinking about it much.  I definitely want to run this as much as I can in years to come.


The 10k start time was at 7:30am, and I had been out a little late the night before.  I was actually at a really cool event in DC.  It was National Astronomy Day, and on the National Mall there were tons of telescopes pointing at the moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  It was hands down one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while.  Regardless of the late night, I got up at around 6am to get ready and catch an Uber ride to the start.  But for whatever reason, maybe it’s because I couldn’t find safety pins to pin my bib, but I started to run late.  My Uber ride showed up at 6:50, and I was planning to meet my friend at the start line at 7.  Oopps.  I made it there by 7:15 though, so it worked out.


As I was riding to the race, I self-reflected on my tardiness and realized something profound:  That there are at least two instances when time flies by a lot faster than you think.  (1) the time it takes to get to a start line of a race, and (2) the time you think you have to get to the stadium and your seats while you are tailgating at a football game.  It’s true.  One hour (or two or three) does not toll in the same way while you’re doing one of these.  It’s a scientific fact.


Anyway,  I met up with my friend Ben and we moved our way to the corrals, which were spaced way too close together for the amount of people running.  On our way to lining up, I actually ran into a few people from my former job, so I caught up with them briefly.  The pre-race events were actually a little annoying.  When it was time for the National Anthem, the announcer started coercing the crowd into being quiet by saying loudly into the mic “Quiet please for the national anthem.  I said QUIET please for the national anthem.  Everyone be quiet.  Tell your neighbor to please be quiet.”  If they would’ve just started singing, everyone would’ve been quiet on their own, but this guy must have been on a power trip or something.  Regardless, I turned to my friend and told him that in a race full of lawyers, the MC would probably find out soon enough that we have the right to keep talking if we wanted to.

Washington Harbour (Georgetown):

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Once the race started, things went well.  My friends are good runners, and we kept around an 8:30ish pace the whole way.  It was just a lot of fun to run the race together.  I’ve never really done that start to finish, and it made the whole experience enjoyable.  The weather wasn’t terrible.  It was pretty humid and sunny, and although the rest of the day was in the mid 90s, the race weather started in the mid 70s I’d guess and ended in the low 80s.  During the run, I ran into and chatted briefly with a few other people I knew here and there–one guy who was a classmate in law school and a woman who I run into often at the gym.


The only real problem with the race is that there is literally no shade.  My friends and I were talking about this, there were no leafy green areas or near-the-water runs to get a little break from the sun, but I guess that’s par for the course given the race route.  When we got about 0.2 miles away, my two friends took off to sprint to the end.  I totally would have gone with them too, especially given my competitive nature, but I actually didn’t have much in the tank left and just knew I wouldn’t keep up, so I resolved myself to eat their dust.  When I crossed, I went to retrieve my medal, and was ridiculed slightly for it, but hey, I paid for the damn thing so I’m keeping it!


The race results aren’t up yet, but according to my shoe tracking, I finished the race in about ~54 mins.  My guess is that it might be a little faster than that when the chip results come in.  I’ll update this post with the stats once they come out.  But it was a good race and I was happy to do it.


Edit:  The official results are posted.  My final time was 53:56, which is about an ~8:40 min/mile pace.  Overall 686 out of 1757.  476 out of 939 in the gender group, 335 out of 602 in the gender + age group (30-39)