Maintenance week – Feb. 20 – Feb. 26



I kind of took this last week off, for no real reason other than the fact that I didn’t really get into a workout rhythm.  Monday was a holiday and that flew by as Jess and I spent all day getting our place finalized for our baby’s arrival (in two weeks!).  I also traveled to Charleston on Wednesday for an appointment with my mom.  It went very well, and my mom is doing great right now, and I’m very thankful for that.


I ended up running twice, but both times were very short distances, and I didn’t really feel into a rhythm on either run.  The three miler on Saturday actually was painful.  I think it was due to me running in a worn out pair of shoes.  I switched those out today, and went for a two mile run, but this run was short due to it coming after a long strength workout at the gym.


But, even though the runs were pretty sparse this week, I got some fantastic pictures.  I got up early and ran from Iwo Jima down to the Potomac River and back.





As I stood on the banks of the Potomac with the city in front of me, I reflected on how my life is pretty damn good right now.  I live in this great city with the time and means to enjoy it, and I am about to be a father.  If I had three wishes, I’d use one of them to pause that moment in time.  It was perfect.


So, overall, two runs, one perfect moment.  5.61 miles.




TWIR (This Week In Running):


This was a good week.  Not terribly productive from a running standpoint, but otherwise it was.  At home and at work.  On Monday, Jess and I spent 12 hours, pretty much nonstop, getting our place finalized and ready for Mini to come.  It was already in pretty good shape, but I had this moment where I realized that she could be here at any moment, and I wanted our place to be ready in case she comes early.  Now we are just waiting for her arrival!


On Wednesday, I went to Charleston to attend an appointment with my mom.  It went very well, which is just great news.  I played basketball on Thursday, and on Friday Jess and I met up with friends for dinner at Busboys.  I got up really early on Saturday, went down to Iwo Jima for a sunrise run (it was a beautiful 60 degrees that morning), and we attended a parenting/childbirth class in the afternoon.  The class was good, pretty much a crash course on things to expect with a new born as related to sleeping, eating, etc.  On the way home, Jess and I got in a huge torrential downpour on the walk home, and we got absolutely drenched.  I like to think of it as Mini’s first bath:




For the record, Jess isn’t going to be happy that I posted that picture.



On Saturday night, we grabbed dinner out again with some friends.  I guess you can sense a theme–we’re going out as much as we can before the baby comes!


Today, we hit the gym in the morning, and went to a nearby Italian place for lunch.  Jess as always was looking stunning:




Tonight, we’re going to see Get Out, a comedy horror movie that is supposed to be a great social commentary.  100% on Rotten Tomatoes, let’s see how it is.  Speaking of which, I’m running late for that, adios!






Maintenance week – Feb. 13 – Feb. 19



I finally have been able to rattle off a couple of long(ish) runs.  On Saturday, I went for my longest run, so far, for 2017:  a nine mile early morning run to Gravelly Point Park in DC.  I don’t usually run here, but it’s a great spot to watch plans take off and land from Reagan National Airport.  I uploaded this picture in a prior post, but I had to do it again here:




Today, I went for an 8 mile run.  I felt pretty sluggish through most of it, but I think that was mostly a product of trying to do two medium distance runs for the first time in consecutive days.


Overall, I feel alright.  I still feel a little slow out there, slower than usual, and my normal warm up distance takes a bit longer than usual.  While training for Baltimore, I learned that it takes me right around 3.55 miles before my body warms up and lets go.  These days, it’s happening more at around 4 miles.  Maybe that will change as I get some longer runs in.


My initial goal today was to run to Roosevelt Island, but a few detours here and there took me off that path.  Still, got some cool pictures:




So, overall this week:  total of 19.17 miles over four runs.  Note that I had two very short runs (one mile each).  The first one miler came after an insane workout during lunch at work on Wednesday, the second one miler came on Friday where I went out there but just wasn’t feelin’ it.




TWIR (This Week in Running):


This was a pretty chill week for me.  On Monday, I went out to dinner with a friend of mine to catch up.  Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, and Jess and I continued our annual tradition of getting a burger from Shake Shack (seriously, what a cool woman to want only a burger on Valentines).  On Friday, we went with some friends to a comedy show at a local improv theater.  The weather this weekend has been absolutely beautiful, and plus, with the long weekend for Presidents’ Day, this is certainly the week to go outside and soak it all up.

Maintenance week – Feb. 6 – Feb. 12



I felt good this week.  Went on three runs, and though I still need to up the frequency during the week, I feel pretty much back to how I was feeling during the early stages of marathon training last year.  I’m thinking about running a half marathon in a few weeks (the Rock n Roll DC half).  This puts me close to our due date, but fortunately the half marathon starting point is not far from our place, so I’d be able to get home in a hurry should I need to.  We’d still be a week out before the baby comes, and hopefully I should only be gone for about 2 hours.


The week has had a crazy weather pattern.  My first run on the week, a brief 2ish miler to go to a friends place for dinner, was in 70 degree weather at 7pm at night!  The next day was warm as well, and then the temperature dropped by about 30 degrees the next day.  Pretty crazy.




I ran twice on the weekend.  On Saturday, I deviated from my normal running path and ended up on U Street.  On Sunday, I went for an early morning run down to the Mall, where I met Jess and our cousin at the Lincoln.





Overall, I had three runs for a total of 13.98 miles.  I’m planning to increase the mileage a bit this week–my goal is to run no shorter than 6 miles for 3-4 runs this week.




TWIR (This Week in Running):


Less than five weeks to go before Mini’s arrival.  After this Thursday, it’ll be less than four weeks.  At that point, I’m kind of preparing that she can come at any given moment.  In a lot of ways, I feel ready, and in a lot of other ways, I feel completely unprepared.  Biggest items left on the to-do list are to install our car seats and to pack our hospital bag!  I’m going to knock that out this week, and then it’s just a matter of cleaning up our place and getting it ready for her to come home.


This week has been a pretty draining week at work, but it’s been a good week personally.  Jess and I had a nice dinner earlier in the week at a friends house.  On Friday, we had dinner out with other friends.  After we ate, we all decided we were still hungry and decided to eat a second dinner.  Double dinner special.  Jess’s coworkers and friends threw her a baby shower, and we were fortunate enough to get some more generous gifts.


On Sunday, we went down to the National Mall and took some pregnancy pictures.  The weather was crappy, but it was perfect picture taking weather.  Got some really good shots, Jess looking fabulous as always:






Maintenance week – Jan. 30 – Feb. 5


I felt like I was able to get back on the wagon a bit this week.  Not that I really fell off, but my mpw has certainly taken a dip for the last several weeks.  This week wasn’t anything spectacular–three runs for 13.03 miles, but I felt good about them.  Especially the run on Wednesday morning.  I had planned to meet the November Project group at 5:30 am at the Lincoln Memorial.  I was up and ready to go, however, my cheapness made me a little late when I opted to take an Uber pool instead of a regular Uber in order to save a few dollars.  I pooled with three other people, and I figured that they were also heading to NP at the Lincoln, but I realized that they were actually heading to work at that hour.

So, I was about 10 minutes late to the start of NP, and so I decided to just go for a run by myself.  I decided to run from the Lincoln over to the MLK, down to the Jefferson and back to the Lincoln via the FDR Memorial.  Let me tell you, there’s something magical and transcending about running around the monuments at 5:45am when you are completely alone.  It’s as if the monuments and the invocations that they represent speak directly to you.  It’s such a great experience–you start thinking about issues big and small, macro and micro, worldly and individual.  I will say, though, running through the FDR memorial in the dark, completely alone, is a pretty eerie experience.  Especially the one part of the memorial with statues that depict a breadline during the Great Depression.  It’s not just that I was running through there alone, it was more that the symbols of the memorial seemed to come to life in a very haunting way.  Maybe that’s the point.  Regardless,  I am certainly going to incorporate more early morning workouts here, and I can’t wait to take Mini with me in a few weeks.

So, three runs this week.  13.01 miles.

Workout summary:

TWIR (This Week in Running)

Jess and I are continuing our final stretch of getting ready for Mini’s arrival.  We have less than six weeks left.  Just typing that out makes it feel very real, and I am just getting more and more excited with each passing week.  This week, we spent some time staining the door and painting the trim that Jess’s dad installed for us and hung up a mobile that her mom made. Also, we made some of our final purchases for the baby–a car seat and car seat adapter for the baby stroller that we purchased a few weeks ago.

On Wednesday, I went with some friends to a local Hindu temple to participate in a feeding ceremony for their child.  In Hindu tradition, there is a ceremony that is done for a baby’s first solid food feeding at six months of age.  I felt honored to be able to join for that celebration.

Jess and I have been flying through a new show that we’re watching–Man in the High Castle.  That show is just awesome.  It’s an alternate history series that depicts a world where the Axis defeated the Allies in World War II, and the United States is partitioned into an eastern half occupied by Nazi Germany and a western half occupied by Imperial Japan.  There’s something captivating about the show–almost as if the alternate history gives us an interesting perspective to introspect on ourselves.

Otherwise, today Superbowl Sunday, and we’re doing the usual with some friends.