March 2017 – Stats

Miles 46 miles
Total time 7 hr, 33 min, 55 sec
Average pace per mile 9 min, 52 sec per mile
Number or runs 8 runs
Average distance per run 5.75 miles per run
Average temperature, per run 45.37 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 38.92 deg F
Coldest temperature 22 deg F
Warmest temperature 64 deg F
Total elevation 1790 ft
Average elevation per run 223.8 ft per run
Longest run 13.38 miles
Shortest run 2.5 miles

Maintenance week – March 20 to March 26



I’m writing this post almost a week late.  So my memory of the previous week will be a little foggy.  I do know this, though, I had one of the best runs of my life.  It wasn’t great–I ran just over three miles at almost a ten minute per mile pace.  And it was like 40 something degrees outside.  But it was the first run that I went on after having my daughter.



It was such a vivid run, that first one after Mini was born.  Everything seemed so great–the sun seemed to shine brighter, the air felt more fresh, the world seemed to have a whole new energy to it.  It feels as if I’m wearing special glasses that is making me look at everything from a whole new perspective.


So I ran twice for a total of 8.50 miles.




TWIR (This Week In Running):


I didn’t write a lot last week because there was so much going on.  Our daughter Asha was born early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day.  The first two weeks with her have been absolutely life changing.  It’s tiring, sure, but it is just unimaginable how much love I have for this girl.  Every little change and discovery is fascinating, and she’s learning at such an exponential pace right now that it’s mind boggling.  She’s been able to meet her grandparents–Jess’s family came when she was born and my folks are here visiting her now.  Right now, as I type this, Jess and I are lounging and watching old episodes of The Office.  Life is perfect.


There’s so much that I want to say about baby Asha.  I could write a novel just based on the experiences we have had in the last two weeks.  Instead of all that, I’ll say something simple, something that is true now in a way for her that it has never been for me at any other time.  I have been waiting my whole life to meet her, and my daughter has filled me with a since of pride, purpose and love that I never thought imaginable.  The day she was born was the best day of my life.




Maintenance week – March 13 to March 19



Zero miles on zero runs.


TWIR (This Week In Running)


This was the best week of my life.  Our daughter was born on Friday, St. Patrick’s Day.  There is so much that I want to write about her, but I’ll leave that for another time.  In the meantime, I’m going to just enjoy the hell out of spending time with my daughter.

Race Report – Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half Marathon

Finish time:  2:13:26

Placing:  6274 out of 12953 (overall);

3180 out of 5214 (male) 

660 out of 1007 (male division)

Goal 1:  Just run the race (yes)

Goal 2:  Avoid missing the birth of your baby while you're running the race (yes)

Goal 3:  Run an impromptu half in 18 degree weather (yes)


This half marathon was completely impromptu.  I wasn't on a training regiment for it.  I thought about signing up for it back in December, but I quickly wrote that off given that our due date was less than a week away from the race.


Then, literally the day before, I saw some post online about it.  I decided to call up a friend and see if he was up for running it with me.  I figured that Jess was not showing any signs of going into labor, and I would just play it by ear until race morning.  If Jess was feeling fine, I'd go down, run the race and come back home, all the while with my phone on me nervously checking any text or alert that I received.  Turns out that she was feeling just fine that morning, so (with her approval) I decided to pull the trigger and go down there.


Sometimes, it's just fun to run a race without any expectations.  It's liberating to go out there and just run along, enjoy the crowd, and get it done.  This race felt good.  Especially good since it was the last race I'd run before become a father.



The week leading up to the race was a mixed bag in terms of weather.  The early part of the week was pretty average, mid 50s.  Then it shot up to the 70s before taking a plunge.  The day before the race, it was about 30 degrees, and the morning of the race, it barely hit 20 with a windchill that ultimately dipped to 18.


I mistakenly read the start time to be 7:30am instead of 8:30am, so I got up much earlier than expected, at 5:30.  I couldn't really go back to sleep, and so I kind of just hung around until 7:45 before heading out to meet up with my friend Robs.  We got to the start line right around 8:15.  It was still cold as fuck, but we managed to keep warm.


We heard the National Anthem, and then we were off.



Miles 1-4

10:46 min/mile; 10:20; 9:32; 9:47

The first four miles went from 14th and Constitution, down to Foggy Bottom and back to the Lincoln.  We kept a pretty light pace through it, spent most of that time warming up.  There were a lot of signs with jokes on Government, Trump, Alternate Facts, Russian hacking, etc.  Classic DC run.  Took this picture at an underpass.




Miles 5-8

9:47; 10:15; 10:48; 10:33


The next four miles are probably the hardest of the course.  From the Lincoln, you go back to Foggy Bottom and then up Rock Creek Park, ascending a pretty big hill near the National Zoo.  It's a good workout, definitely warmed me up.  After the hill, you run over to Columbia Heights towards Howard University.




Miles 9-12

9:53; 10:31; 9:24; 9:45


We picked up the pace for the last section of the race.  From Howard, the course goes to the Reservoir and then down North Capitol and over to H street.  The sun came out during this part and actually made the race kind of hot.  Either that or the three layers of clothes that I had on.  This part of the race felt really good.


Miles 13 to end

9:10; 2:58


The last part of the race goes down to RFK stadium, the hollowed shell of the one-time home of the Redskins.  Robs and I were trying to book it to the end for the last mile, but on our way to the end, a woman fell down in front of us and we stopped with other to help her up.  She was ok, but she was a little older, and her fall looked a little nasty.  We finished with a decent end split though.






Robs and I collected some swag, and headed back to the Metro.  Surprisingly (not really), it felt really cold again when we stopped running.  I felt a little more grateful for the folks who lined the streets to cheer people along.  The crowds weren't as big as they were when I ran the full marathon in 2014, but given the weather, I was actually surprised with how many people did show up, both to run the races and to cheer the runners along.


So all in all, it was a good race.  I'll definitely do it again next year if I can.  It's an super easy race to get to, and I run along a lot of these routes anyway.  And even though it's weird to pay money for a race that I kind of run by default in training, it's nice to have a consistent local race to go to.


The only shitty part about the day was the Metro ride back.  It took me like 45 mins to get home when I'm only like 2 miles away.  Part of that is because I have to transfer lines, but in the days of Uber/Lyft, I can pay the same amount and get home a million times faster. This is the main reason why I've taken only like 3 Metro rides in the last two or three years. Then again, there were probably a lot of people from out of town, so having Metro as the option to get a far way in and out of the city isn't half bad for them (so long as Metro runs efficiently, a big if).










Maintenance week – March 6 to March 12



I ran twice this week, but one of those was a half marathon I did with a friend.  It was the Rock n Roll DC half marathon.  I had wanted to run this race (and maybe do a training plan for it too), but given that Jess and I are expecting any given day, I played it by ear until the day before to see if it’d be safe to go off run 13 miles without Jess going into labor while I was gone.


Weather wise, it has been a strange week.  The first half of the week was cold for the end of winter, but not too bad, like in the 50s.  Then the weather shot up to 70 for a day and half before plunging on Friday.  When I woke up for the half marathon, the weather was in the low 20s (hitting a windchill of 18 a few minutes before the race).





So, two runs this week, total of 15.88 miles:




TWIR (This Week In Running)


Man, this was a really fun week for me.  Early in the week, we had a doctor’s appointment for Mini to see how she’s coming along, and everything looks good.  She literally could be here any moment.  I think we are both ready and very eager and excited.  Mini is, though, could be making a very dramatic entrance to this world, as the weather in the early part of the week calls for up to 18 inches of snow!  Fortunately, our newer car should be able to drive through it, but it has caused Jess and myself a little bit of anxiety, especially in trying to figure out if we should just get a hotel near the hospital for those two days to avoid any snow problems.  If she comes during the storm, at least I’ll have justification to indulge in her birth story as she gets older.


On Wednesday, I played basketball, on Thursday I went to see Michigan play during the first round of the Big Ten basketball tournament.  Crazy story–the Michigan team plane crashed on Wednesday, and thankfully no one was harmed.  But it was a very serious incident.  Michigan still made the trip to DC for the tournament and (spoiler alert) ended up winning it all after a 4 day amazing run I’ve never seen before.  We went to the games on Thursday and Saturday with friends, and then scored some really awesome seats for the championship game.  By really awesome, I mean center court, three rows back, pretty much right behind Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery.  A friend gave us the tickets to that last game, which he happened to win on some random competition by the Big Ten Network.  It actually was funny, because I bought the tickets for Saturday’s game on Friday night and WAY overpaid for them ($95 a ticket in the nose bleeds that ended up selling for ~$12 the next morning).  I was kicking myself for overpaying like that, but then I got enjoyed the other end of that coin with those free court side tickets.  Some pictures:




IMG_4129 (1)




IMG_4169 (1)






In addition to going to these games, I had some more great times this weekend.  On Friday, Jess and I met up with a good friend and grabbed some dinner at a nearby bakery.  On Saturday, I went out with some more friends for a great night, a one last hurrah before Mini comes.  And I ran the half marathon on Saturday morning.  Just a great week.


Also, my mom received good news from her latest appointment–scans are coming out well, and we’re just optimistic and hoping it continues!  It really is a time for me to think about my blessings and count my lucky stars.


The crazy part of it all.  By this time next week, I’ll be a father.  Life is just really good right now.



Maintenance week – Feb. 27 to March 5

This is the first time in the new year where I feel like I’m back into the groove of running.  I didn’t go on many runs this week, but I did hit three medium runs–a five miler, six miler and seven miler on consecutive days.  The paces were slower than normal, but I didn’t feel a struggle to get through it, and I feel back in the flow.  Just in time for the baby to come, any day now!


My Friday evening run was pretty uneventful, but my Saturday morning and Sunday evening runs were just gorgeous.  I was intending to start my run on Saturday before sunrise, and I got up at 5:45 with the intent to do so.  But I lingered around for a while, and before I knew it, it was already 6:20.  I was about to head out of the house before I realized that the same day ticket release for the National Museum of African American History and Culture started at 6:30.  This ticket has been the hottest ticket in town, with the possible exception of the Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn.  Leave it up to DC to have the most demanded tickets to be to two museums.


So I delayed until 6:30 and I was able to score four passes for the museum.  Getting any tickets at all had eluded me for three weekends in a row, so I was pretty happy about that.  I headed down to the mall to start my run, and it was just a beautiful, albeit cold, morning.


I did six miles.  I started at the Lincoln and ran down to the MLK memorial.  I met this really great and inspiring trio while at the MLK.  I started talking to this elderly woman, probably in her late 60s or early 70s, and she was there with two other people who looked younger.  They were part of an organization, a church perhaps, that would spend Saturday mornings at various monuments around DC praying.  I know that sounds a little out there, but these people were great.  Their whole demeanor–that they weren’t praying for any specific God or specific people, but just praying for this country.  It was a pretty cool thing to see in the early morning.


I ran from the MLK to the Jefferson, and along the way saw the buds of the cherry blossoms starting to pop out.  There was one tree where the blossoms were in bloom, but all the other ones were still in waiting.  I ran back through the FDR and then back over to Lincoln to end the run.  Saturday morning runs in DC are just magical.


I snapped a lot pictures (from the MLK and elsewhere).  Get ready:


FullSizeRender (26) copy 3FullSizeRender (26) copy 5FullSizeRender (26) copy 7FullSizeRender (26) copy 8FullSizeRender (26) copyFullSizeRender (26)FullSizeRender (27) copy 2FullSizeRender (27) copy 7FullSizeRender (27) copy 8FullSizeRender (27) copyFullSizeRender (28) copy 2FullSizeRender (28) copy 3FullSizeRender (28) copy 4FullSizeRender (28)FullSizeRender (29) copy 2FullSizeRender (29) copy 3FullSizeRender (30) copy 2FullSizeRender (30) copyFullSizeRender (31)IMG_3913IMG_3956IMG_3958


Wait, you made it all the way down here?  You must be bored out of your mind!


On Sunday evening, I went for a seven mile run, and decided to run towards Georgetown and then back down by the Potomac.  Caught some gorgeous sunset pictures too:


FullSizeRender (26)Processed with VSCO with g3 presetIMG_4076IMG_4079IMG_4081IMG_4101IMG_4117



So overall, I ran three times, total of 18.16 miles:





TWIR (This Week In Running):


The last week was quite eventful, in a lot of good ways.  Jess and I entered our 38th week of pregnancy, and I’ve mentally prepared myself for the baby to come at any time.  I even woke up in the middle of the night one day, while Jess was sound asleep, and sat up and yelled “contractions!”  Needless to say, I’m on pins and needles.  Jess has been handling everything so perfectly, she’s even been really active, while I’ve been watching her like she’s a ticking time bomb.


On Monday, folks at work threw a baby shower for the department to celebrate all of the upcoming arrivals.  It was a nice department event, and I’m very thankful to everyone who organized and participated.  On Tuesday, Jess and I went to the Wizards-Golden State game.  We had suite tickets (pun intended) due to a law firm event I was attending in DC earlier in the day.  We even got to meet Gheorghe Mursean, who is like 7 feet 10 inches tall or something.




On Wednesday, we had an OB appointment, and afterwards we went to All Purpose for dinner, a fantastic new pizza spot.  Thursday was a long night for me with work, and Friday was an evening in after a busy week.


As I mentioned before, on Saturday Jess and I went with some friends to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  This museum was absolutely amazing.  We only had two hours between the time of our ticket time slot and the museum’s closing, and I definitely feel like I needed more time, so I’ll be going back.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about lot about shared history, and divergent historical perspective and narratives.  The museum does a good job of putting American history in the context and through the lens of 600 years African American history.  Everyone should see this museum.  It’s honest, tough, enlightening and overwhelming.  Some pictures:


FullSizeRender (26)FullSizeRender (27)FullSizeRender (28)FullSizeRender (30)FullSizeRender (32)FullSizeRender (33)FullSizeRender (34)IMG_4032IMG_4040IMG_4042



On Sunday, Jess and I capped off a great week by grabbing breakfast to go, and watching the early morning on the steps of the Lincoln.  All in all, it was a pretty damn good week I’d say.