Marathon training – week 12 (of 12) – Race #4



This week, Jess and I took our trip to San Francisco with Mini!  As I wrote this, I was on the fence about running the full marathon.  My training had slipped significantly, and the two long-ish runs I went for did not go so well.  And based on my experience from prior marathons, if I pushed hard during one that I didn’t train for, I’d be wrecked for the rest of the day, which would not be very much fun.  I guess, when it came down to it, I wanted to really figure out what I wanted out of the San Francisco trip.  Did I want to run the marathon as fast as I could, and take the accompanying sacrifices (social and physical) that came with it?  Or did I want to either opt for the half or just run it very leisurely?  At this point during the week, I kind of had decided that I was going to run the full, but very conservatively.  I think I just wanted to prove to myself (and some doubters) that I could train for and run a marathon after having a newborn, that I can maintain an identity in addition to the new love I have for Mini.  Of course, the reality is that without Jess and Mini’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to do it at all, so the credit really goes to them.


Anyway, so my runs over the course of the week, excluding the marathon, were two runs for 10.26 miles.  Both runs were in San Francisco–the first was in Golden Gate Park and the second was from our AirBnB in Sunset to Burma Superstar.  Over the course of that second run, I ran up this huge hill in the Presidio part of town.  Note, San Francisco is really fucking hilly.






There is just so much to say here.  I’ll try to hit the highlights because it’ll be way too time  consuming to summarize such an amazing vacation.  But man, we had a great time.  Here are the highlights, and hopefully it jogs some memories.  I told folks at work about the new position on Monday, and then we flew out on Tuesday.  Got some sushi Tuesday night and just crashed.  Wednesday, I went into work for part of the day, and then after work, we met up with a friend from college for a pre-dinner coffee and then another friend from college (who let us stay at his place the weekend since he was out of town) for a nice dinner.  It was such a great evening, catching up with old friends.  On Thursday, Jess and I went to brunch a Korean place in the Marina neighborhood and then the Muir Woods.  In the evening, we met up with good friends from DC who moved out there for dinner and drinks.  Oh, all the while, we brought Mini with us, who was just such a wonderful baby the whole trip.  Friday, we met up with our same DC friends for lunch at Burma Superstar, and then went on a hike to Lands End.  In the evening, we combined groups with them and our friends who moved from NYC and we hit up Off the Grid.  Saturday was spent at the Farmer’s Market at the Embarcadero followed by a picnic in Dolores Park.  On Sunday, I ran the marathon, met up with our DC and NYC friends again, and then had dinner with my cousin.  And, Monday morning was our flight back.  It was a whirlwind, but just such a great trip.


Some pictures, but I’ll update with more, I am sure.





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