(Non) Maintenance week – July 24 to July 30



I decided to take a week off from running after the San Francisco Marathon.  So not much to report.  I did sign up for two more races.  The first is called the BaltiMORON-athon, which takes place during the Baltimore Running Festival (which has 5k, 10k, half and full marathon events).  The reason for the name is because the registration includes a double race, the 5k and the half marathon.  I have a friend who did it last year and enjoyed both runs.  The race is on October 21st.


The second race is the Rehoboth Marathon, which is on December 2.  I missed this last year because I got a kidney stone, but I am planning to go for this one.  With the week off, I have just enough time to do an 18 week training plan.


I told myself that after SF, I’m not going to do any more marathons for a while.  Obviously that did not last very long.  What I do need to do, though, is to edit down my life, and make sure that if I am training for this next marathon that I am also making sure I have enough time at home with Jess and Mini.




Jess, Mini and I went to Rochester this weekend to visit Jess’s family.  It was Mini’s second trip in two weeks.  She’s been a trooper, such an easy traveler.  Our trip back to Rochester was a lot of fun, celebrated my SIL’s birthday and spent a lot of family time together.  Mini was being her usual social self, interacting and smiling at everyone she met.  Some pictures:









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