Maintenance week – Jan. 22 to Jan. 28



After a couple of weeks and weekends of sickness, I eased back into it.  Still super low mileage, but ran twice, for 9.57 miles.  I really plan to pick it up this week.  Planning on doing 30 miles this week.


I did take Mini on my 4 mile run on Saturday morning, which was the first time we’ve been able to go together since the Fall.  It was a bit cold, but not too bad.  We went down a familiar path–Lincoln to Georgetown and back.






This week, and weekend, was fairly eventful.  On Monday and Tuesday, Mini had been sick, so I stayed at home with her.  It’s the first time she’s been pretty sick, and it was tough to watch.  She stayed at 104 for three days, with her temperature breaking intermittently.  Jess and I basically held her for several days straight.  She’s better now, back to normal, but it’s a tough thing to watch.  I really feel for people who’s children are sick with more serious illnesses.  And, also, after staying home for two days, managing work, etc. I am in awe of single parents who manage to do it all.  Those are real miracles around us every day.  I enter the week with a new found thankfulness and appreciation for the life around me, and the courage of others.


On Wednesday, I had an op-ed publish in the Baltimore Sun.  One night, I could not sleep, so I wrote it.  I didn’t really expect to it to be published, but it did.


Saturday and Sunday were spent in a flurry of fun times with friends.  On Saturday, we visited friends in Maryland, on Sunday we had some people over for a mini celebration for Mini.  Great times with great friends, as always.




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