Marathon training – week 3 (of 12) – Race #5



This was a low mileage week.  I’ve been in this epic battle with a sore throat, that comes and goes.  I decided to take some time off from running so that I could heal up, maybe get some sleep (not really), and see a few doctors.  The good news is that the sore throat wasn’t serious and that it’s cleared up for the most part now.


So, I ran only one time for 7.41 miles.  I do feel better now, and am ready to get back on it, so I don’t feel too bad about that.




Monday was President’s day, and Jess and I (and Mini) were all off.  We spent the day with a good friend visiting from SF.  Great times, as always.  On Friday, we did our usual pizza + jazz night.  On Saturday, we took Mini to her first basketball game, as Michigan was playing at Maryland.  Mini did pretty well–there were a couple of times where the loud clapping kind of scared her, but she got used to it quickly, and it looked like she enjoyed the people watching.  The game was a blowout by Michigan, which was a good thing, because we were then able to leave mid way through the second half before Mini had enough.  On Saturday night, we had friends over to hang out.  Sunday was a cloudy, rainy, and generally drab day.  We mostly stayed in, but ventured out to get ramen, which was another first for Mini.  Some pictures from the week:




Marathon Training – week 2 (of 12) – Race #5



It was a good running week.  I ran four times for a total of 32.83 miles.  I finally felt back in the groove of things, and my longish run of 14 miles wasn’t too bad.  I ran two seven milers, a four mile recovery run, and then the long run.   Also, I’m trying to run hills on most of my runs.  This week, I ran a bunch of loops around Capitol Hill on one run and then did my long one up Mass Ave towards the embassies and National Cathedral.




I’m not expecting any PRs for this race, I’m going to walk into it with the objective just to enjoy it.


So, a good week for running, four times, 32.83 miles.




This was a fun week.  I’m writing this summary a bit after the fact, so I don’t remember all the details, but we had our first Valentine’s Day with Mini (and took her to Shake Shack as per Purohit family tradition).  On Saturday, we went to the Portrait Gallery and stumbled upon a really cool President’s Day celebration.  On Sunday, we got some really good BBQ.


It was, though, a tragic week too with the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.



Marathon training – week 1 (of 12) – Race #5

Last year I signed up for the Big Sur Marathon lottery, and I got in.  So even though I have already run California, I decided that I’m going to train for this race.  From all accounts, it’s a bucket list run, and I’m on this new(ish) kick to do those things as much as I can, because nothing in life is guaranteed.


So I’m going to enjoy the hell out of training and running.  Number 5 on the way!



I ran three times this week, for a total of 22.12 miles.  I did go on my longest run of 2018 to date–a 11 mile run on Sunday.  I was feeling a bit sick this week.  Mini has been sick, and we’re in this perpetual cycle of sick, recovery, repeat.  Jess encouraged me to do the 11 miler, which was intended to be 13, and I’m glad I did.  I feel like if I didn’t, I would have decided not to train for the race.


I’m trying to incorporate more hill workouts into my running, because Big Sur is a freaking beast.  I think the total elevation gain is 2182 feet, including a brutal 600 foot climb from miles 10-12.  So I need to train hills like crazy.  Unfortunately, DC isn’t terribly hilly, but there are some opportunities to get some hill work, especially down Mass Ave towards the Embassies.  That’s where I did my 11 mile run.  Looking at the chart, it looks like there’s a 300 foot elevation climb for about one mile.  Which doesn’t compare to the monster climb, but it’s a start.  Maybe I’ll try repeats on that?




So yes, 22.12 miles this week.




Most of our week was spent taking care of Mini since she had a minor cold.   She’s better now, though, and we’re glad for that.  Neither Jess nor I have been sleeping much, but that’s ok, we’re in the weeds of it right now.  Mini sure is on the move though.  She started crawling just a few weeks ago, and now she’s cruising all over the place, standing up, falling down, rolling over, laughing the whole time.  In one of the most heartwarming moments of my life, on Saturday, Jess came home from the gym and Mini pushed her toys out of the way to crawl over to her as fast as she could.


Saturday was a good day.  It was cloudy and rainy, and so we spent the day inside watching TV, playing with Mini, and relaxing as a family.  We got some amazing BBQ food.  Pretty much a perfect day.  Sunday was great too, saw some friends, and then I went on my long run.



January 2018 – Stats

The first month of 2018, off to a slow start.  Mainly due to this terribly flu/cold season where I’ve been trapped in a perpetual battle of getting sick with Mini and me.


Miles 37.62 miles
Total time 5 hr, 59 min, 44 sec
Average pace per mile 9 min 34 sec
Number or runs 7 runs
Average distance per run 5.37 miles
Average temperature, per run 49.42 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 45.01 deg F
Coldest temperature 28 deg F
Warmest temperature 70 deg F
Total elevation 702 ft
Average elevation per run 100.28 ft
Longest run 9.01 miles
Shortest run 3 miles

Maintenance week – Jan. 29 to Feb. 4



I ran 10 miles this week over two runs.  My goal for 2018 was to try and run 1000 miles, or at least do 100 miles a month.  Obviously, January wasn’t a great start to that goal.  But that’s ok, I’ve given myself permission this year to be more forgiving of myself.  This January has been terrible with the cold and flu season.  Mini and I keep getting each other sick, nothing serious, but still it feels relentless.


The two runs this week felt great.  Especially the 7 mile run.  I was cruising, and felt fantastic during it.


Next week, I start my 12 week training for the Big Sur Marathon.  I’m not planning to PR it.  I’ve already checked CA off my list, so running this is more for the bucket list aspect of the race, which I hear is spectacular.


So, two runs, 10 miles, this week.




This week kind of flew by in a blur of family and work.  A good friend from New York paid us a visit on Monday, and it was nice to catch up with him.  Mini has been crawling a whole lot these days.  It’s so adorable.  She will see us from across the room and then make her way over to us, slow and steady.  Last weekend was filled with social activities, so we laid low this weekend.  Sunday was the Super Bowl, an exciting match up between the Patriots and the Eagles.  I didn’t really have a horse in the race, but I was slightly rooting for Philly.