Marathon training – week 1 (of 12) – Race #5

Last year I signed up for the Big Sur Marathon lottery, and I got in.  So even though I have already run California, I decided that I’m going to train for this race.  From all accounts, it’s a bucket list run, and I’m on this new(ish) kick to do those things as much as I can, because nothing in life is guaranteed.


So I’m going to enjoy the hell out of training and running.  Number 5 on the way!



I ran three times this week, for a total of 22.12 miles.  I did go on my longest run of 2018 to date–a 11 mile run on Sunday.  I was feeling a bit sick this week.  Mini has been sick, and we’re in this perpetual cycle of sick, recovery, repeat.  Jess encouraged me to do the 11 miler, which was intended to be 13, and I’m glad I did.  I feel like if I didn’t, I would have decided not to train for the race.


I’m trying to incorporate more hill workouts into my running, because Big Sur is a freaking beast.  I think the total elevation gain is 2182 feet, including a brutal 600 foot climb from miles 10-12.  So I need to train hills like crazy.  Unfortunately, DC isn’t terribly hilly, but there are some opportunities to get some hill work, especially down Mass Ave towards the Embassies.  That’s where I did my 11 mile run.  Looking at the chart, it looks like there’s a 300 foot elevation climb for about one mile.  Which doesn’t compare to the monster climb, but it’s a start.  Maybe I’ll try repeats on that?




So yes, 22.12 miles this week.




Most of our week was spent taking care of Mini since she had a minor cold.   She’s better now, though, and we’re glad for that.  Neither Jess nor I have been sleeping much, but that’s ok, we’re in the weeds of it right now.  Mini sure is on the move though.  She started crawling just a few weeks ago, and now she’s cruising all over the place, standing up, falling down, rolling over, laughing the whole time.  In one of the most heartwarming moments of my life, on Saturday, Jess came home from the gym and Mini pushed her toys out of the way to crawl over to her as fast as she could.


Saturday was a good day.  It was cloudy and rainy, and so we spent the day inside watching TV, playing with Mini, and relaxing as a family.  We got some amazing BBQ food.  Pretty much a perfect day.  Sunday was great too, saw some friends, and then I went on my long run.




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