Race Report – 2018 St. Pat’s Run Double (5K and 10K) – 10K PR!



Finish time:  25:58

Placing:  271 out of 1255

193 out of 519 (male)

47 out of 93 (male division)







Finish time:  49:33 (PERSONAL RECORD)

Placing:  201 out of 1263

157 out of 563 (male)

42 out of 108 (male division)





Finish time:  1:15:31 

Placing:  96 out of 446

81 out of 224 (male)

23 out of 48 (male division)


This was a fun and funny race to run.  Originally, Jess and I both signed up for it, with the intention for us (and Mini) to do the 5K and then I’d complete the double afterwards.  But it was really cold in the morning, and Mini has just gotten better from her ear infections, so we didn’t want to put her through running in the 30ish degree weather.


It was a funny start to the race though.  Since Jess and Mini were not going, I decided that I’d just run to the start line, which was at 15th and Constitution.  I misjudged the distance, though, and I was late to the start of the 5K.  When I got to the start line, the 5K group already left, so I just continued running through the line up area and past the start.  So in essence, my 3.1 mile race turned into a 4.9 mile run.


But the cold weather made both of these runs fantastic.  Not so much fun to stand around in, but a lot of fun to run in.  I decided to push the pace a bit for the 5K and to try for a PR on the 10K, which I accomplished!




As mentioned above, I was late to the start line.  The old adage is true.  The start time for races come up on you faster than you think.  It was a cold morning, so I was layered up, and ran to 15th and Constitution.  I got to the start and just continued running since the 5K started.


5K Race

8:32 min/mile; 8:17; 7:59; [0:41]


The race starts right in front of the Washington Monument and the National Museum of African America History and Culture on 15th street.  It was a gorgeous morning.  Sunny and bright, and a bit windy coming off of the crazy wind storm we had in the region on Friday.


As mentioned, I ran about 2 miles from our condo to the start, so I was already warmed up.  Had I not warmed up, I probably would have kept to a 9ish min pace, but I was feeling good, and the cold weather and breeze were energizing me.  I kept a good pace the first mile and then decided to push the pace a bit.  Faster to get a decent time, but I wanted to keep some in the tank for the 10K.


I ran negative splits and finished with an 8:06 min/mile pace.


In between


The time in between races was actually pretty unmemorable.  I grabbed a bottle of water, texted Jess, and just waited again for the 10K to start.



10K Race


Miles 1-3


8:16 min/mile; 7:50; 7:39


I was feeling pretty good after the 5K, and decided that maybe I should push for a PR on the 10k.  My previous PR was 51:10 from the Lawyers Have Heart race last year.  I did some quick math in my head and realized that if I started at 8:30 and then kept an 8 minute pace, I’d break that record.  So that was the plan.


For the first mile though, I was feeling really good.  After a few minutes, I decided to push the pace to under 8:30 and see how it felt.  I was running strong, and wasn’t feeling winded at all.  So I decided to scrap my plan for simply beating 51:10, and instead go after a more elusive goal of a sub-50 run.  I told myself to run under 8 for the rest of the race.


So at mile two, I pushed the pace to 7:50.  It was right around this time when I passed a young woman in front of me, but then she sped up a bit and passed me right after.  I don’t think she was racing me, we just happened to trade places.  She was running at a good clip, around 7:30-7:45, so I decided to use her as a pacer for the rest of the run.  On mile three, my pace went up to 7:39.


Miles 4-6.2

7:41; 8:04; 7:43; [2:17]


The pacer plan was working well.  I felt good all the way until about mile 4.5ish.  Then, all of a sudden, I passed my pacer and thought “damnit, maybe I pushed it too hard.”  I continued onward, thinking I’m just going to keep it under 8, but for some reason it was harder to stay consistently there without staying step for step with someone else.  But by mile 5, she came roaring back, passed me in a blaze, and started pulling away.


Mile six started getting tough for me.  I was feeling nauseous, and was worried that I’d had to stop and walk before the finish, killing my chance for sub-50 when I was so close to it.  But I pushed through and figured, if I’m going to puke, I’ll just do it when I’m done.


The end of the run had a slight hill and then down to the finish.  I figured, I’ll just focus on getting up that hill, then check my watch and see where I’m at.  I got to the top of that hill at 49 minutes, and so I knew, unless I tripped and fell or something, I could ease off and get to the finish in sub-50.  A few people sprinted past me on that final stretch, but I was ok with it.  Just happy and proud to get a sub-50 PR on a day that I wasn’t planning on it!  I crossed the finish, and felt alright after drinking some water and eating a banana.






I hung out for a bit, and then Jess picked me up and we got bagels for breakfast.  The three of us were actually wearing matching green shirts.




Later that evening, Michigan went on to win their second Big Ten Championship in men’s basketball, which was a great way to end that day!






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