April 2019 – Stats

April was good.  And I hit a ten mile run race PR!


Miles 37.9 miles
Total time 5 hr, 58 min, 22 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 27 sec
Number or runs 9 runs
Average distance per run 4.21 miles
Average temperature, per run 61.88 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 60.99 deg F
Coldest temperature 50 deg F
Warmest temperature 81 deg F
Total elevation 895 ft
Average elevation per run 99.4 ft
Longest run 10.05 miles
Shortest run 2 miles

Race Report – 2019 George Washington Parkway Classic Ten Miler – 10 Miler PR!

Finish Time:  1:21:41 (PERSONAL RECORD)

Placing:  802 out of 4370

582 out of 1958 (male)

146 out of 375 (male division)




This was my first race of the year, and quite honestly, one of my first substantial posts on this blog in 2019.  Since the Marine Corps Marathon, I kind of took an unofficial break from running.  I still kept it up and tracked my stats, but I haven’t been as introspective about it.


It felt really good to run another race.  I had a work event that day, so I almost skipped it, but I fell victim to the sunk cost fallacy and thought that I didn’t want to waste the money already spent.


But man, I killed this race, and I killed my running funk.  This was my fastest 10 miler time yet.  I have two 10Ks coming up, and now that the calendar has turned to May, I’m eyeing once again some 18 week training programs.  Looking back with perspective on the Marine Corps Marathon, I have nothing to be disappointed about:  out of the last ten races I’ve run, 7 of them have been PRs.




I didn’t do much to prepare for the race.  I was a bit nervous about running the full distance, since I have done much distance at all this year (I believe this was my second or third ten mile run all year).  The race had an 8am start, and I just wanted to be done by 9:45ish so I could head out to my work event later that day.


One logistical problem was that I left my shoes at work.  And knowing the process for boarding the bus to the start, I realized that Sunday would be an early day.  I was up at 5:15, out the door by 5:30, and in line to catch the bus by 6:45.


I got to Mt. Vernon at around 7:30, and there wasn’t much time to hang around before the race started.


Miles 1-4


8:24 min/mile; 8:20; 8:27; 8:19 (GPS watch times)

I’ll be honest, most of the race was a blur, I don’t really remember how much of it went down.  I do remember seeing a blind guy at mile 1 who was running at a fast pace, around 7:50 a mile, and he kept it up the entire race.  He was running along side a guide and they were attached by a loose strap.  Initially I felt a sense of inspiration, that it was really cool to see a blind person running the ten miles.  Then I felt a bit holier than thou.  So what?  Just because a guy is blind doesn’t mean he can’t run.  Am I just looking at him with pity?  But then I thought, yes, that’s true, but you don’t see that often at all during races.  Though physically he would be able to run, it still is incredible courageous for him to put himself out there like that, and I was back to being inspired again.  Sometimes, when you see something nice, don’t over think it, just enjoy it!


Miles 5-8

8:20; 7:35; 7:48; 7:55


This race, I decided to stop at every drink stop and walk for 30 seconds.  After mile 5, I was feeling really good, and I decided to push my pace and to try and keep up with this woman who was running along side me for a bit.  She was going pretty fast, and so I ran a bunch of sub-8 miles.


Miles 9-10

8:12; 7:56

I’ll be honest, I was getting pretty fatigued at the last two miles.  I thought about slowing down my pace to a 9 min/mile, but then I thought, why the hell do that, it just means that I’ll take longer to be done.  So I pushed mile nine through as much as I could.  I remember thinking that I was fortunate this year–last year I remember the sun being pretty overbearing here, and this year we had a cloudy sky the whole way through.  Mile 10 starts on an annoying hill, but I was able to tackle it and keep a pretty good clip going to the finish.




I grabbed my metal and my free breakfast burrito from district taco, and made my way past the finishers area.  As mentioned, I had a work event about 70 miles away, and I needed to be there by 12pm.  So I bee-lined it to my car, where I had packed some shampoo to use with the free bottle waters to “freshen up” in case the venue I was headed to did not have a shower (fortunately they did).  One weird thing–I parked in the garage of the Crowne Plaza, and when I walked back to my car, I realized that I had parked among like ten different funeral hearses.  It was super creepy.  The garage was fairly empty too, not many runners had parked there, and those that did were probably still hanging out at the race.  So that was a weird way to end a PR!


I only took one picture, but I guess it’s better than nothing!




March 2019 – Stats

Spring is finally here, with a promise to renew and recommit to positive goals.  Here’s to hoping I pick it up in April!


Miles 20.6 miles
Total time 3 hr, 12 min, 4 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 19 sec
Number or runs 5 runs
Average distance per run 4.12 miles
Average temperature, per run 57.8 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 56.32 deg F
Coldest temperature 36 deg F
Warmest temperature 73 deg F
Total elevation 1662 ft
Average elevation per run 332 ft
Longest run 6.38 miles
Shortest run 2.04 miles

February 2019 – Stats

You know what’s annoying about online blogs?  Very often, you’ll come across one where the author takes a posting hiatus and then makes a triumphant return saying “I’m back,” only to disappear for another extended period of time.


Which is exactly what I did.


Here are the stats for Feb.


Miles 26.71 miles
Total time 4 hr, 9 min, 33 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 20 sec
Number or runs 4 runs
Average distance per run 6.67 miles
Average temperature, per run 66 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 48.17 deg F
Coldest temperature 37 deg F
Warmest temperature 70 deg F
Total elevation 1016 ft
Average elevation per run 330 ft
Longest run 10.81 miles
Shortest run 3.3 miles

Marathon training – week 1 (of 18) – Race #6

So, quick note, I was planning on running the Flying Pig Marathon, but I decided to pick one further out that would let me train for the full 18 weeks.  So I settled (tenatively) on Grandma’s Marathon on June 22.  I am going to do the plan for a few weeks and see how I feel before fully registering


Week 1 went alright, getting back into the swing of things in 2019.  I went for the longest run that I have so far this year, 10.8 miles on Sunday.  I ran 19.21 miles over three runs.




It feels kind of nice to post here again, because I get to remember what I did over the week.  Since I’ve last written extensively here, Mini has basically turned into a new person.  She knows a ton of words now, and she’s starting to string together short sentences (“more applesauce” “more yellow” “there she is” “I see you”).


We bought a new bed, so our old bed is sitting in our living room until we’re able to dispose of it in a few days.  So it’s provided ample opportunities for me to teach Mini some basic WWF wrestling moves (like the people’s elbow or as she says “people elbow”).


Thursday was Valentine’s Day, but Jess hosted parent-teacher conferences that day, so we celebrated on Wednesday.  We continued our annual tradition of Shake Shack.  Afterwards, we went to the Portrait Gallery and looked at some orchids that were planted and listened to some music from a Hong Kong cultural group.


On Thursday, I met with Jess and Mini and we went to a soft playroom in Alexandria after her school ended.  I took Mini to dinner at Panera–a low key Valentine’s date!


On Friday, we had dinner with friends.  Saturday was spent with our usual circuit of story time and a new lunch place–this time Afghani food in Adams Morgan.  Also, I finished writing a story book for Mini and sent it off for publishing.  On Sunday we took Mini to the Baltimore aquarium and had bagels along the way.




I’m back

Wow, what a hiatus.  I’m back.  I kind of just fell off here, not for any particular reason.  A lot has to do with the fact that I’m not running a whole lot these days, but also I feel like I needed a break from weekly posts.  But now, as I look back, I wish I had kept it up.  I’ve written many times that writing weekly helps me to catalog my life through the lens of running, and I wish I had a better catalog of what happened in the last three months or so.


So, for the zero people that read this, I’ll be back to a weekly schedule, particularly since I have decided to train for my next marathon.  The Flying Pig marathon in Ohio.  I’m going to start a 12 week plan this week, and hopefully will have a decent experience, better than my last one!



January 2019 – Stats

Slow start to 2019, resting from an IT band injury, but I’m feeling back to normal and ready for a good February.


Miles 19.23 miles
Total time 3 hr, 3 min, 15 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 31 sec
Number or runs 4 runs
Average distance per run 4.8 miles
Average temperature, per run 43 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 43.75 deg F
Coldest temperature 32 deg F
Warmest temperature 70 deg F
Total elevation 1320 ft
Average elevation per run 330 ft
Longest run 5.1 miles
Shortest run 4.12 miles