Maintenance week – Jan. 29 to Feb. 4



I ran 10 miles this week over two runs.  My goal for 2018 was to try and run 1000 miles, or at least do 100 miles a month.  Obviously, January wasn’t a great start to that goal.  But that’s ok, I’ve given myself permission this year to be more forgiving of myself.  This January has been terrible with the cold and flu season.  Mini and I keep getting each other sick, nothing serious, but still it feels relentless.


The two runs this week felt great.  Especially the 7 mile run.  I was cruising, and felt fantastic during it.


Next week, I start my 12 week training for the Big Sur Marathon.  I’m not planning to PR it.  I’ve already checked CA off my list, so running this is more for the bucket list aspect of the race, which I hear is spectacular.


So, two runs, 10 miles, this week.




This week kind of flew by in a blur of family and work.  A good friend from New York paid us a visit on Monday, and it was nice to catch up with him.  Mini has been crawling a whole lot these days.  It’s so adorable.  She will see us from across the room and then make her way over to us, slow and steady.  Last weekend was filled with social activities, so we laid low this weekend.  Sunday was the Super Bowl, an exciting match up between the Patriots and the Eagles.  I didn’t really have a horse in the race, but I was slightly rooting for Philly.




Maintenance week – Jan. 22 to Jan. 28



After a couple of weeks and weekends of sickness, I eased back into it.  Still super low mileage, but ran twice, for 9.57 miles.  I really plan to pick it up this week.  Planning on doing 30 miles this week.


I did take Mini on my 4 mile run on Saturday morning, which was the first time we’ve been able to go together since the Fall.  It was a bit cold, but not too bad.  We went down a familiar path–Lincoln to Georgetown and back.






This week, and weekend, was fairly eventful.  On Monday and Tuesday, Mini had been sick, so I stayed at home with her.  It’s the first time she’s been pretty sick, and it was tough to watch.  She stayed at 104 for three days, with her temperature breaking intermittently.  Jess and I basically held her for several days straight.  She’s better now, back to normal, but it’s a tough thing to watch.  I really feel for people who’s children are sick with more serious illnesses.  And, also, after staying home for two days, managing work, etc. I am in awe of single parents who manage to do it all.  Those are real miracles around us every day.  I enter the week with a new found thankfulness and appreciation for the life around me, and the courage of others.


On Wednesday, I had an op-ed publish in the Baltimore Sun.  One night, I could not sleep, so I wrote it.  I didn’t really expect to it to be published, but it did.


Saturday and Sunday were spent in a flurry of fun times with friends.  On Saturday, we visited friends in Maryland, on Sunday we had some people over for a mini celebration for Mini.  Great times with great friends, as always.



Maintenance week – Jan 8 to Jan. 14 & Jan. 15 to Jan. 21


There has been a lot going on these last two weeks, so I haven’t been able to summarize.  I’ve been sick over this past week and so has Jess and Mini, so I haven’t been able to run or exercise.  I may be coming down with the flu, but hope not.  Let’s see.  Two weeks ago, I did run three times for a total of 18.06 miles.


I’m hoping to get back in it by the end of this week, but we’ll see how this goes.



Lot of great stuff happening with Mini even though she’s sick.  She started to crawl for the first time, which is a moment I will always remember.  And about a day or two after that, she’s started to stand up.  So she’s accelerating at such a fast past.  Otherwise, the weeks have been a bit of a blur of work. family time, sleep, and sickness.  And it’s been cold as hell, but looks like it’s thawing out.



(Non)Maintenance week – Jan. 1 to Jan. 7

Full disclosure, I’m writing this on Jan. 10, but I’ll still say, Happy New Year!  Wow, it’s only been 10 days into 2018, for some reason it seems longer than that.


I don’t have a running summary because I took a week off.  I was feeling a bit under the weather, and also, just wanted a break from running and exercising, so I took it!  Back at it this week though.


Instead of a summary, I have a random thought that came to my mind yesterday during my commute home.  It’s about staying grounded and true to who you are.  I was watching an ESPN program in advance of the 2018 CFP National Championship Game about how routine is so important for teams to stay focused on the present and not get caught up and frozen in the limelight.  I was thinking about what that meant.  When you experience success, or setbacks, or new experiences, how do you approach them with the same work philosophy that you’ve developed through your years and your prior experiences.  I think the answer to that is that you have to find some mechanism to ground yourself to who you are.  Maybe that’s what all of this is becoming for me.


Just a thought.


Anyway, back at it this week.  I’m starting up a 16 week training plan for the Big Sur International Marathon.



Maintenance week – December 25 to December 31



This was the last running week of the year.  It’s always tough to come off the Christmas break (and associated downtime + goodies) and get back into the swing of things.  But I had a mind to top 700 miles this year, so I pushed a bit this week.  I ran three times, the first one being a painful 2.5 miler, and the second being the coldest run of the year for me.  In the end, I got to 700, and I’m excited to go into the new year with a new goal in mind.


So, three runs, 16.56 miles.



This week was perfect for family time with Jess, Mini and myself.  We wrapped up our relaxing Christmas break in Rochester and headed back to DC on the 26th.  I worked from home most days, and was able to spend a lot of quality time together.  The new year always starts with a fresh energy, so it was good to wind down the year together.


On Friday, Jess and I went out for one of the few times since Mini was born, and we made the most of it for sure.  We also met up with some college friends during the day on New Year’s Eve.  In between, we carved out time to ourselves.  Mini is starting to scoot around a lot, and she even looks like she’s about to start standing up soon.


I’m looking forward to 2018.



Maintenance week – December 18 to December 24

Christmas week!  I went for one run, a five mile run in Alexandria, VA on Friday.  I had the day off, so I dropped Mini off at daycare and went for a quick run before picking her back up and heading home to pack for our trip to Rochester.  It’s actually the first time I’ve ever ran in Alexandria, but I plan on running there more.  One interesting future run would be across the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, where all three DMV jurisdictions come to a point over the Potomac River.  Kind of cool and unique to be able to do that.


Anyway, one run for 5.1 miles.




This was Christmas week, and Jess and I had a great time visiting her family in Rochester, NY.  We left on Friday, stayed overnight in Williamsport (home of the Little League Hall of Fame) and got to Rochester on Saturday morning.  The timing was perfect, because it snowed like 4 or 5 inches right after we got there.  On Saturday, we took Mini to see Santa a local mall.  She hated it.  Pretty much cried immediately after we put her on Santa’s lap.  I don’t blame her.  It must be a weird experience for a kid.  On Sunday and Monday, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in the way it should be spent, with family relaxing and eating a lot.  Now we’re back in DC, hanging out and spending some quality time together until the new year and new beginnings in 2018.


Some pictures:



Maintenance week – December 11 to December 17



I got back into it a bit this week, running three times.  The weekly mileage is still relatively low, but I did have a long run on Saturday.  Total miles for the week were 13.36 over three runs.  My initial, and nerdy, plan was to run consecutive days with lengths in prime numbers–1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and then back down.  I did the 1 and 2 part, skipped 3, and then did 10.36.  Go figure.


Anyway, on Saturday morning, I was intending to go for about 7 miles, but decided to get 10 done.  I felt great, and haven’t been sore the next day.  This week is one where I’m going to try and get a regular amount in before Christmas.  Some pictures:




So, 13.36 miles over three runs.




Christmas season is in full effect, and this year I’ve been more excited about it than years past.  I’ve been excited to experience all these new holidays again with Mini, and it’s made Jess and I want to start some new traditions of our own.  We put up the tree and the stocking, and earlier in the week went to city center to check out the large tree they have there.




On Friday, we had pizza night + jazz with a friend at Baked Joint.  It’s becoming a favorite end of week tradition for us.  On Saturday we spent time with Mini’s cousins that live nearby.   That evening, Jess found out that she passed her national board certification.  It’s a big accomplishment, something that takes three years and a lot of hard work.  We celebrated a little on Sunday, but are planning to really do it up the week after Christmas when we have some more time.  On Sunday, I took Mini to Freer/Sackler Museum again to view some asian art.  Otherwise, it was a nice mix of a relaxed and busy weekend.


Oh, and we’re in the middle of sleep training Mini.  She always had been a good sleeper, but as she changes, her sleep patterns have changed too, and we’re working to get her to sleep comfortably through the night.  The first night (Saturday) was tough.  Mini has started to roll over and sleep on her stomach at night, which is always panic inducing for some reason, but totally safe at this age from what I read.  The second night (Sunday) wasn’t as difficult.  I think in a day or two, she hopefully should be adjusted.  Then it’s just a matter of sleep training for me, or at least to try and get more than sleep segments longer than 2-3 hours.