April 2019 – Stats

April was good.  And I hit a ten mile run race PR!


Miles 37.9 miles
Total time 5 hr, 58 min, 22 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 27 sec
Number or runs 9 runs
Average distance per run 4.21 miles
Average temperature, per run 61.88 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 60.99 deg F
Coldest temperature 50 deg F
Warmest temperature 81 deg F
Total elevation 895 ft
Average elevation per run 99.4 ft
Longest run 10.05 miles
Shortest run 2 miles

March 2019 – Stats

Spring is finally here, with a promise to renew and recommit to positive goals.  Here’s to hoping I pick it up in April!


Miles 20.6 miles
Total time 3 hr, 12 min, 4 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 19 sec
Number or runs 5 runs
Average distance per run 4.12 miles
Average temperature, per run 57.8 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 56.32 deg F
Coldest temperature 36 deg F
Warmest temperature 73 deg F
Total elevation 1662 ft
Average elevation per run 332 ft
Longest run 6.38 miles
Shortest run 2.04 miles

February 2019 – Stats

You know what’s annoying about online blogs?  Very often, you’ll come across one where the author takes a posting hiatus and then makes a triumphant return saying “I’m back,” only to disappear for another extended period of time.


Which is exactly what I did.


Here are the stats for Feb.


Miles 26.71 miles
Total time 4 hr, 9 min, 33 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 20 sec
Number or runs 4 runs
Average distance per run 6.67 miles
Average temperature, per run 66 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 48.17 deg F
Coldest temperature 37 deg F
Warmest temperature 70 deg F
Total elevation 1016 ft
Average elevation per run 330 ft
Longest run 10.81 miles
Shortest run 3.3 miles

January 2019 – Stats

Slow start to 2019, resting from an IT band injury, but I’m feeling back to normal and ready for a good February.


Miles 19.23 miles
Total time 3 hr, 3 min, 15 s
Average pace per mile 9 min 31 sec
Number or runs 4 runs
Average distance per run 4.8 miles
Average temperature, per run 43 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 43.75 deg F
Coldest temperature 32 deg F
Warmest temperature 70 deg F
Total elevation 1320 ft
Average elevation per run 330 ft
Longest run 5.1 miles
Shortest run 4.12 miles

Year in Review – 2018

Previous years

2017 – “transition”

2016 – “perspective”

2018:  The short version

Perhaps as life has a tendency to imitate art, or as self-fulfilling prophecies of doubt or hope come true retroactively, my 2018 mirrored many parallels to my running life.  The theme for my 2018:  recency bias.


About eight or nine years ago, I listened to this podcast or TED talk while sitting on the bus from Rockville Metro Station on the way to work.  It was some academic from Harvard or something who was demonstrating the power of positive and negative feedback.  He came up with a way to quantify the magnitude and found that negative feedback stays with you five times “more” than positive feedback.  Meaning, that it takes five positive interactions to neutralize one negative one.  Somewhere in my mind, I have remembered this as the “don’t be an asshole” rule.


So, when I say that 2018 was full of recency bias, what I mean is that I will likely remember the atmosphere of the end of the year as representative for 2018, rather than the activities of the entire year itself.  I spent the end of 2018 in an important, and still unresolved, dilemma of important career questions.  Options that are all good, but that are very big decisions.  The post-bedtime hours and any sleepless nights of the Christmas and New Years break were mostly spent here, us charting and planning our priorities, our goals, ambitions and opportunities, and counting all of our blessings.  It has been one of those moments that seems daunting at the time, but that we will look back on with a lighter memory, perhaps even laughing at the illusion of control we think we have.


And as time consuming as that discussion has been, it’s been reaffirming to know that I am incredibly blessed, with the opportunity to have options and to have a loving wife and child to be with.  The recency of the end of 2018 seems to overshadow the overall goodness and happiness of 2018.  2018 gave me a lot of time.  To explore the city, to visit museums, to read and write and exercise and learn and spend so much quality family time.  It was simply a fantastic year.


The parallels with running map neatly in this construct of recency bias.  Early in the year, I ran a half marathon at a good pace, setting a new PR, and I thought – “why not try for a PR at every distance?”  So on to that goal I went, setting a PR in the 5K, 10K, Ten miler (twice), and Half Marathon.  I put my efforts to a marathon PR in my hometown race at the MCM.  I ran a ton of miles, the most ever in a build up the a marathon, including two 20 milers that went very well.  But on race day, I just had a bad race.  And it is this–my personal worst time in any race–that I remember more than the five other PRs and countless other quality runs.  I suppose that according to the no-asshole rule, five PRs should negate the personal worst, so I should be back to even!


The funny thing about the MCM–even though it gave me a personal worst time, it gave me probably one of the most enduring memories I will have of Mini from this age.  At Mile 17, when I was running by (and running out of gas), Mini cheered energetically when she saw me approach, and cried so hard when I ran by, thinking that her dada had run away from her forever.  Jess snapped these pictures as I went by her, and they will always stay with me as a reminder of our enduring love.



Still, I spent some time being down about the run.  I didn’t really write much on here after the MCM, and generally took a break from recording my run life.  It was liberating at the time, but looking back, with that absence, I see how important it is to catalog my life through some sort of lens.  So I’m back, and excited to be back to an even better 2019.


As far as actual stats, I continued my four year long streak of running more than I ever have in a given year.  I ended up with a total of 824.05 miles, taking almost all of December off due to an IT band injury.  Last year, I figured out that the 700 miles I ran amounted to the equivalent of running from DC to St. Louis.  This year, I’ve taken that trip into Missouri further, landing exactly at Columbia, Missouri, home to the Missouri Tigers.  Other destinations within 824 miles from DC include Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Jackson, Mississippi; Tampa, Florida; New Glasgow, Prince Edwards Island; and Bermuda.  The last two would require me to run on water though.


In terms of running time, I spent about five and a half days running, 119 times at an average pace of 9 minutes and 47 seconds, which is the exact same pace I had over my 700 miles in 2017.  I ran a race at every major distance, and hit the PRs I mentioned above.  In terms of elevation, I’m now in the Himalayas, at 26,890 feet.  According to Wikipedia, this is the equivalent to seventh highest mountain in the world, Dhaulagirl I (part of K2) in Nepal.  Maybe next year I’ll scale Everest.


So, another year in the books!  Onward, 2019.


2018:  The long version


Miles 824.05 miles
Total time 5 days, 14 hr, 26 min, 35 sec
Average pace per mile 9 min 47 sec
Number or runs 119 runs
Average distance per run 6.92 miles
Average temperature, per run 61.2 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 60.89 deg F
Coldest temperature 28 deg F
Warmest temperature 91 deg F
Total elevation 26890 ft
Average elevation per run 225.96 ft
Longest run 26.8 miles
Shortest run 1.14 miles


Distance stats:


chart (7)


January 37.62
February 69.45
March 62.64
April 44.95
May 23.79
June 42.42
July 96.27
August 111.98
September 135.43
October 97.2
November 63
December 39.3
Total 824.05


Much like years before, I picked up mileage in the late spring and summer, this time to prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon.


Avg. Distance Per Run:


chart (8)


Month Avg. Miles Per Run
January 5.37 miles
February 7.71 miles
March 7.83 miles
April 4.99 miles
May 4.75 miles
June 4.71 miles
July 6.01 miles
August 7.46 miles
September 8.46 miles
October 8.1 miles
November 7.87 miles
December 7.86 miles
Total 6.92 miles




chart (9)

Month Workouts
January 7 runs
February 9 runs
March 8 runs
April 9 runs
May 5 runs
June 9 runs
July 16 runs
August 15 runs
September 16 runs
October 12 runs
November 8 runs
December 5 runs
Total 119 runs




chart (10).png


Month Time (decimal)
January 359.73 mins
February 696.96 mins
March 591.85 mins
April 408.26 mins
May 244.2 mins
June 413.3 mins
July 952.96 mins
August 1112.41 mins
September 1346.83 mins
October 997.6 mins
November 577.35 mins
December 365.13 mins
Total 8066.58 mins


Avg. Pace Per Run:


chart (11)


Average Temperature – Per Run


chart (12)


Average Temperature – Total Time


chart (13).png


Coldest Run:


chart (14).png


Warmest run:


chart (15).png


Total Elevation:


chart (17).png


Avg. Elevation Per Run:


chart (18).png


Longest Run:


chart (19).png


Shortest Run:


chart (20)


2018 Races

I ran eight races this year:


The Marine Corps Marathon 2018 – 5:05:24

The Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon – 1:57:58 **Current PR

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2018 – 1:28:03 *PR at the time

George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler – 1:22:39 **Current PR

St. Pat’s Run 10K – 49:43 **Current PR

Clarendon Day 10K – 54:26

St. Pat’s Run 5K – 25:28

Clarendon Day 5K – 23:52 **Current PR


As you can see, in five of the eight races I hit a PR that either was broken later in the year or that still stands as a current PR.  In fact, I had a PR at every major distance except the marathon, which ironically was a personal worst time.  It was a great year to break some records, mostly good and some bad!



The Marine Corps Marathon – 5:05:24



Half Marathons:


The Rock n Roll DC Half Marathon – 1:57:58




Ten Milers:

The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler – 2018 – 1:28:03




The George Washington Parkway Ten Miler – 1:22:39





St. Pat’s Run 10K and 5K– 49:43; 25:28




Clarendon Day 10K and 5K – 54:26; 23:52




2018 Run Locations


City Number of runs Total miles
Washington DC 103 717.67
Mt. Vernon, VA 1 10.05
Key West, FL 2 9.21
Reston, VA 8 40.79
Arlington, VA 2 36.18
Ocean Pines, NJ 1 3.05
Henrietta, NY 1 7.1


2018 Fundraising


$500 to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) of Texas.


Another donation was to Wendy Martinez’s Gofundme to help with funeral costs after her very tragic death. A third was a gofundme campaign for one of the writers on MGoBlog who is dealing with a difficult health situation.



December 2018 – Stats

I took some more time off this month, from running and just generally.  An IT band injury forced me to cut short my goal of finishing December strong to hit 1000 miles (or 900) for 2018.  But the time away was good, and I’m looking forward to how 2019 will pan out!


Miles 39.3 miles
Total time 6 hr, 5 min, 8 sec
Average pace per mile 9 min 17 sec
Number or runs 5 runs
Average distance per run 7.86 miles
Average temperature, per run 53.6 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 52.94 deg F
Coldest temperature 34 deg F
Warmest temperature 72 deg F
Total elevation 1217 ft
Average elevation per run 243.4 ft
Longest run 10 miles
Shortest run 5.5 miles

November 2018 – Stats

I took some time off, both from running and from updating this site, but I’m back at it.  I’m aiming for a high mileage December to try and hit 1000 miles for 2018.  Here’s a summary of November:


Miles 63 miles
Total time 9 hr, 37 min, 21 sec
Average pace per mile 9 min 10 sec
Number or runs 8 runs
Average distance per run 7.87 miles
Average temperature, per run 49.25 deg F
Average temperature, time spent in temperature 50.17 deg F
Coldest temperature 31 deg F
Warmest temperature 70 deg F
Total elevation 1649 ft
Average elevation per run 206.12 ft
Longest run 11.13 miles
Shortest run 4.1 miles