Marathon training – week 9 (of 12) – Race #5 – Stopped Training


I decided to stop training for the Big Sur Marathon.  I’m not going to run this race.  For every marathon I’ve trained for, it was a bit of a struggle to get the miles in at times, but I always found a way back on the wagon.  For this training cycle, too many things were going on for me to be able to put in the necessary miles.  I’m three weeks out, and have yet to go on a run longer than 14 miles.  I know from the Baltimore Marathon that this isn’t a good idea.


The real last straw was this week, when I became sick from a sinus cold.  I woke up on Wednesday feeling like I got hit by a bus, and I was out of commission for the next three days.  Ordinarily, you can recover from that and continue training, but when the training was already bare bones, it was time to throw in the towel.


It’s ok though, I’m proud of myself for having the discipline to know when I’m not ready.  Now, I need to map out my plan for the ones I’m actually going to run this year….


As far as running, I went for one run:  the cherry blossom ten miler.  It was a really nice run, and I actually PRed it, so I guess all is not lost.




This week was very busy, lot of fun though.  On Monday night, Michigan played for the Men’s Basketball National Championship.  They got thumped by Villanova, but still, the fact that they got all the way to the final game was an incredible feat to be proud of.  The game actually started off well for Michigan, they had an early lead, but then things turned against them and didn’t turn back.  It’s all good though, I’ll remember 2018 as having a very enjoyable March because of that incredible run!


As mentioned, on Wednesday I got sick–felt like I was hit by a bus.  It turned out to be (I think) a sinus cold, but man, I was out of it on Wednesday and for a good bit on Thursday.  On Thursday evening, I rallied, and we met up with some friends for pizza night.


On Friday, Jess and I started this documentary on Netflix called “Wild Wild Country”–a fascinating documentary about this religious cult from India that came to Oregon in the 1980s.  The story was told in a very gripping way.  On Saturday, we had family in town.  We spent the morning at breakfast, and then went to a STEM festival at the Convention Center.  Then, that afternoon, I went to the Kennedy Center to attend a performance of “Between the World and Me” based on the book by Ta-Nehisi Coats.  It was a very powerful performance that left me with a lot to think about.  Then, my friend hurried me to the building museum where I picked up my packet for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.


Sunday was a busy and fun day.  I ran the 10 miler in the morning, walked back home, hung out and rested a bit, and then went back to the Tidal Basin with family to get some blossom pictures.  I can say with confidence:  in 2018, the Purohit family certainly enjoyed the blossoms to their fullest.



We came back in the afternoon, got some pizza, and hung out until the evening.


After a long winter, spring is finally here.




Marathon training – week 8 (of 12) – Race #5



Here we go.  Four weeks to go, and I’ve yet to crack a run longer than 14 miles.  The good news is (I think) is that when I was training for my first marathon, the longest I ran was 16 miles, and I finished the race with a PR.


I’m not planning to PR this race.  I’m planning to finish it and am planning to enjoy it.  I’ve resigned myself to acknowledge that with a weekly one hour commute to work in each direction + with a one year old at home, finding the time to run by itself is an accomplishment.  I’m not much for patting myself on the back for trivial accomplishments like that, but I’ll at least give myself a hat tip.


I ran three times this week.  The first was an 8 mile series of hill repeats around Capitol Hill.  I’m doing a lot of hills to try and prepare for the monstrous elevation gain at Big Sur.  This was a good run.  I’ve been feeling fast lately.  I did my 8 miles of hill repeats at an average of 9:24 min/mile, and I felt good the whole time.  It was also a beautiful night on the mall:



On my way home, though, I made a cardinal sin of running regarding my safety.  I ended up fine, but I repeat this story as a cautionary tale to myself.


I was running back up 3rd street and by the Courthouse.  There were a group of kids hanging out behind some bushes on one of the statues.  I saw them from a distance, but they were pretty far away, looked like high school kids on a school trip to DC for spring break.  When I ran past, one kid said to me “what’s the rush, asshole?”  And without really thinking, I said “you tell me fat ass.”


Now I gotta admit, I was pretty proud of myself for this quick thinking.  But then I quickly realized, there were like ten of them and just one of me.  I was coming off the back end of running 8 miles, so who knows if I would have been able to out run them if they came after me.  The guy who I insulted immediately got all all alpha, challenging me to come back and fight him as I was running away.  I wasn’t scared of that, per se, but moreso that I had antagonized a bunch of kids, late at night, in a pretty isolated part of town.  That was really stupid.  No matter how much I want to spit back, I can’t do stuff like that.  I got a wife and a kid at home, and don’t need to risk getting in a fight like that for no reason at all, should have just run by the dude and that’s that.


My second was a 10 mile run on Wednesday morning before work.  I started at 4:30am.  Now, before you give me crap about my soap box diatribe on safety in the previous paragraph and following that up with saying I ran at 4:30am, let me say this.  Running near the Lincoln Memorial has been pretty safe.  There’s usually a cop car parked out there, and also there are other runners around.  My head is constantly on a swivel, but generally, I feel safe about it.  Would I let my kids ever do that though?  Absolutely not.


It was cool to have Lincoln all to myself, again:




Between Wednesday and Saturday, I did some key strength workouts.  My last run of the week was on Saturday, a four mile run from the Lincoln Memorial to Bull Frog Bagels in Eastern Market to meet Jess and Mini for lunch.  The three of us had gotten up early that day to check out the Cherry Blossoms.  They weren’t quite in bloom yet, but it was cool to go down there before the crowds started coming in.


So all together, it was three runs for 22.02 miles.  That’s low for marathon training.  I was supposed to do a 17 mile run on Sunday, but honestly, I was exhausted.  We sleep trained Mini from Wednesday to Friday, and one of those nights involved me sleeping on the couch so that Mini’s crying wouldn’t keep me up.  On Sunday morning, we had a birthday party to attend, and I didn’t have it in me to get up again at 6am (or earlier), nor did I to go on a long run after coming back from the party.  So I chalked it up to “meh” and resigned myself to the idea that this race will be in the “let’s see what happens” vain.  I’m not upset about it, just acknowledging my time constraints and redefining the definition of a successful race.


This weekend, I have the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, and I’m excited about it.  I feel like I could PR it.




Jess was on spring break this week, and we took some time to hang out together on Thursday and Friday.  We got massages on Thursday and then spent the late afternoon in Old Town Alexandria getting Thai food with Mini.  That evening, we met up with a good friend of ours who was in town for the weekend.  On Friday morning, we had a picnic with Mini on the National Mall, and then we dropped her off to daycare and used a gift card to have an afternoon out (margaritas may or may not have been consumed.


Saturday was a busy day.  We got up early, at around 6am, to check out the sunrise and the Cherry Blossoms.  They were not fully out yet, but it was peaceful to get there in the morning.  After the cherry blossoms, I ran from the Mall to Eastern Market, and we all got bagels.  That afternoon, we met with some friends for an Easter celebration.  That evening was the Final Four match up that Michigan won (and is playing for the national championship!!!).  On Sunday, we attended a birthday party and then spent the afternoon relaxing and getting ready for the work week ahead.  It was a nice stretch of days together.






Marathon training – week 7 (of 12) – Race #5



Gulp.  Another low mileage week, and there’s only four weeks left to the marathon.  I gotta kick it up into high gear now.  I’m not going to run this marathon with any expectations, other than enjoying the beautiful scenery and respecting the opportunity that I have in front of me.  I ran twice for 12.04 miles.  The good news is, I’m feeling great on these runs.  I think I’m starting to turn a corner, and my twice to three time a week strength training is probably helping too.  So while my mileage is super, super low for marathon training, I’m still optimistic about it.




On Monday, our families departed DC after coming into town for Mini’s birthday.  And we got back to our regular routine of work/life/fun for the three of us.  We had a crazy unexpected snowstorm on Wednesday, probably the latest snow storm I think I’ve experienced in DC.



On Thursday was Michigan’s Sweet 16 game, where they trounced Texas A&M in what has probably been the best Michigan basketball game I’ve seen in a while.


On Friday, Jess and I did our weekly pizza + jazz + friend hang out, and I watched Clemson lose to Kansas.


Saturday was a busy day for us.  In the morning, we attended a tulip festival (of sorts) in City Center with some friends.



Then afterwards, we went to attend the March to Save Our Lives–a gathering organized for gun control by the survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting.  It was an incredible rally.  I went for an early morning run near the Capitol when they were setting up, and just seeing all these young kids organizing and taking control of the narrative of their generation, it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a while.  Social movements are always lead by youth–they are unencumbered and unrestricted by notions of what is and is not possible, and it was just amazing to see a bunch of high school kids lead a movement like this.  For as crazy as things are in this country, you can see something like this and remain hopeful that our future is bright.






The rally was packed–reports say several hundred thousand people were there.  And it showed.  We took Mini down there because we thought it was important for her to see it (even if she doesn’t remember it).  We stayed for a little while, but the crowds were absolutely packed.  At one point, we thought we were going to get stuck for a while on 8th and Pennsylvania, so after a little while, we headed back home and watched the rest of it on TV.


We stayed at home for most of the day on Saturday, and then we watched Michigan play Florida State in the Elite 8.  Michigan won and is headed to the Final Four!!




On Sunday, we took Mini for a long walk to 14th street and back, and then just hung out and relaxed afterwards.




Marathon training – week 6 (of 12) – Race #5



This will be short, because I didn’t run this week!  That’s ok though, it was a busy week, preparing for Mini’s first birthday!




What a week this was.  Mini turned one on Saturday.  There are all the cliches about how the first year goes by so fast, and how the first year is really a celebration for the parents for surviving, etc.  And I suppose there’s some bit of that which is true.


For me, when I thought about her birthday and looked back at the year, my thought about the time passed was “yes, it does feel like a year.”  It feels like the best year of my life.  It didn’t hit me until the day after her birthday when Google photos was sending me alerts about “revisit this day last year” when I realized that, wow, I will be able to look back years, and will have memories of Mini there.  It’s almost as if the one year mark delineates the time into one section my life from when Mini’s arrival is a recent event cataloged in recent memory and another section of my life where Mini is a long term memory.  And just as weird as it is to think that she’s already turning one, it’s just as weird to think of a time when she was not in my life.


It was a particularly reflective day, as you would imagine it to be.  We had a pretty big party, grand parents were in town, and we called over a lot of friends.  I took some moments, though, to reflect on the year gone by.  And to take snapshots of the day in my mind.  After Mini was born, a coworker gave me some good advice.  It was along the lines of “pay attention, and just be present.”  I often think about that.  In the scramble to capture the perfect picture or embrace the perfect moment, I try often to just be.  To not try and stop the memory or the passage of time, but just to be in those moments and let them occur as they do.


What a celebration it was.  It’s been so unbelievable, how much her personality has started to come out in the last two months.  I look back at pictures of her from when she was just born, and think of how little she was.  And then I realize that I’ll look back at pictures from today and think the same thing.  Boy, if I could choose one superpower, I’d choose the ability to stop time.


Some pictures (with the intent not to overload…):


IMG_1413IMG-1583IMG-6015IMG-1610IMG-1586IMG-1576IMG-1575IMG_1578IMG_1562IMG_1752 (1)IMG_1750 (1)IMG_2003IMG_2001IMG_1527IMG_1751IMG_1469 (1)IMG_1452IMG_1448 (1)IMG_1428IMG_1962IMG_1419IMG_1753IMG_1410IMG_1368IMG_1929IMG_1920

Marathon training – week 5 (of 12) – Race #5

*I’ve been really busy the last week or so, so this post is coming a week late.  I’ll try to see what I can remember.



Wow, marathon training has taken a pretty big dip lately.  I hope that I’ll be ready.  During this week, I ran twice, for 19.44 miles.  One run was a half marathon, where I PRed my time and felt great.  The other run was a 6ish mile run that I did early in the morning, and took some cool pictures.


IMG-5681IMG-5688 (1)IMG-5688IMG-5691IMG-5692IMG-5693IMG-5698IMG-5706IMG-5707




This week was a good one.  Jess was recognized by her school district for completing the National Board Certification.  I was incredibly proud to be there with her and to take Mini to see her mom’s accomplishments!




The day after that, I was down in Charleston for my mom’s scans and she is all clear, which is fantastic news



Then on Saturday, I PRed my half marathon.  Pretty good stretch right there.

Marathon training – week 4 (of 12) – Race #5



This week summary is coming late, so I likely won’t remember much of what happened.  I ran three times (or technically, six times) for a total of 27.43 miles.  Still a low mileage week, but I’m working to improve that.  Between work and family time, it’s been hard to find the time to run–I’ve been getting up at 4am to get my medium runs in.  I say that I technically did six runs because on Sunday, I ran the St. Pat’s Run Double–which was a 5K and 10K, and I ran two miles to the start line, so technically, I did three separate runs.


Here’s a picture from one of my 4am runs:





This was a fun week, and I might have forgotten the details if I didn’t write them here.  This week was Holi, Mini’s first holiday, and we celebrated at home.  This is definitely going to be an annual Purohit tradition!




On Friday, we went to the Wizards game, got some sweet floor sweets!IMG-5562IMG-5581



I ran the double on Sunday, and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, including watching Michigan repeat as Big Ten Tourney champs!IMG-5598IMG-5666

Marathon training – week 3 (of 12) – Race #5



This was a low mileage week.  I’ve been in this epic battle with a sore throat, that comes and goes.  I decided to take some time off from running so that I could heal up, maybe get some sleep (not really), and see a few doctors.  The good news is that the sore throat wasn’t serious and that it’s cleared up for the most part now.


So, I ran only one time for 7.41 miles.  I do feel better now, and am ready to get back on it, so I don’t feel too bad about that.




Monday was President’s day, and Jess and I (and Mini) were all off.  We spent the day with a good friend visiting from SF.  Great times, as always.  On Friday, we did our usual pizza + jazz night.  On Saturday, we took Mini to her first basketball game, as Michigan was playing at Maryland.  Mini did pretty well–there were a couple of times where the loud clapping kind of scared her, but she got used to it quickly, and it looked like she enjoyed the people watching.  The game was a blowout by Michigan, which was a good thing, because we were then able to leave mid way through the second half before Mini had enough.  On Saturday night, we had friends over to hang out.  Sunday was a cloudy, rainy, and generally drab day.  We mostly stayed in, but ventured out to get ramen, which was another first for Mini.  Some pictures from the week: