Maintenance week – October 2 to October 8



Now that I’m not training for any race in particular, I want to try and run five to six miles five to six times a week.  I ran a few times this week, twice in DC and once in Reston.  The DC runs were in the morning.  They included a picturesque run on Thursday where I could see the Harvest Moon just over the Lincoln Memorial.  It was an incredible morning.  When you turned towards the Washington Monument, you could see the sunrise, when you turned towards the Lincoln, you could see the full moon.  The pictures don’t do it justice.





Saturday morning was with my traditional run with Mini.  We went to the Lincoln, where I read her the Gettysburg Address, and then we went to the MLK, where I read her the quotes at the memorial.




For the week, I ran for 16.54 miles.




The early part of the week was pretty uneventful.  Tiring, from work, life, etc., but good.  Jess’s family was in town for the weekend and we had a great time.  On Saturday, we took Mini to the zoo and she saw her first panda.  That was a fun experience.  She really liked just looking around and, of course, being the center of attention.  It was nice to connect with family and for Mini to see her aunt, uncle, cousins and grandma.







Maintenance week – September 25 to October 1



I’ve been feeling off this week.  It took me a lot longer to recover from the Clarendon Day double last week, and as a result, I was limited in my running this week.  Not just my running, but working out in general.  I attribute this to a hectic September, with dwindling sleep.


I did run once, though, the Boo! Run For Life 10K on Sunday morning.  I tried to run before that on Saturday, but couldn’t do it.  My legs were just not feeling it, and so instead, I walked with Mini to the MLK memorial and read the quotes to here there, and afterwards, I went to the base of the Lincoln with her and fed her bottle to her while looking out at the monument.  Hey, not a bad consolation prize.


So, one run, 6.24 miles.


FullSizeRender (1)


I’m going to postpone my Rehoboth Marathon race.  For the second year in a row.  There just isn’t enough time or energy to hit the long training runs, and given it’s so short and I feel off, I’m going to listen to my body and rest.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t try for the half, though, but we’ll see.




As mentioned numerous times, this was the end to an eventful September.  Starting day care, career shift, illnesses dominated the early part of September.  No worries though, because there plenty of wonderful memories from this month too, so I am not complaining.  And things are going well for me and my family, and I am thankful for every day that we have.


This week was eventful because I was rear ended.  Nothing major at all, just big bump and dent in my bumper, but it was an apt send off of the month!


This week in the life of Mini:  she’s having full on conversations in her baby babble nowadays.  And also, she’s learning a lot about her surroundings and making connections.  Two examples:  when I come home from work, she hears the keys jingle and hears my voice, and turns her head from way across the room to laugh and wiggle around her arms and legs in excitement.  Honestly, no matter what ever happens in my day, nothing beats that feeling as a father.  Another example, she’s learned how to recognize her bed, her crib, her “dock-a-tot.”  When she sees these places, she’s learned that there’s a non-zero chance of us putting her down and thus not holding her any more, and she cries before we even start the process of putting her down.  She’s becoming incredibly smart.


On Sunday, we ran the Boo! Run For Life 10K to benefit research on renal cell carcinoma.  It was a very touching race to run with Mini in honor of my mom.


Other than that, I enjoyed watching Clemson beat V. Tech. on Saturday.  We may see a Bama vs. Clemson III coming up this year!



Maintenance week – August 7 to August 13


I had a lot of free time this week and so I was able to go on a few runs at my own pace. One of those runs was in Salt Lake City, as Jess and I are out West this week visiting some of the National Parks before the craziness of September and our new chapter starts. Overall, it was a pretty good run week, I did a longish 12 miler which felt great for the first 8 or so. Then a couple of slower runs with Mini in the stroller, capped off with an 8 miler in Salt Lake City.

So overall, 30.08 miles over four runs.

My plan for the next couple of weeks is to just run for fun without any expectations or judgment. I'll decide on a training regimen for the Rehoboth Marathon after that.


Well, this past week was great. Jess and I know that September onwards is going to be pretty hectic. Mini will have just started daycare, Jess back to school, me with an exciting career move. 2017: the year of transition. So with that in mind, we decided to head out West and take Mini to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. It's something that has been more of an interest of mine recently to try and see them all.

So I ended the week in Salt Lake City. Headed up to the parks after that, with an update on it next week. Salt Lake City is pretty cool, a small town (smaller than I expected) but beautiful landscape. I ran about 8 miles, up a small hill and over to the University of Utah to see the football stadium there. Michigan played here two years ago and lost in Harbaugh's debut game, and Michigan has lost three straight to them I believe.

We drove over to Jackson, WY the next day where we are staying before going to the parks.

Mini has been such a great traveler, so we aren't too worried about the flying. She's become so much more aware and interactive. She laughs, a lot, especially when I kiss her cheek (I think my beard tickles her) and she's been really active in grabbing and using her hands, to grab her feet, pacifier, toys, and occasionally my hair. She's looking more like a big girl now, less like a new born. And her noises, the adorable "coos" she makes when we talk, there isn't much better in life than that.

Update on the National Parks next week, for now, some pictures.

Salt Lake City:

Jackson, WY:

(Non) Maintenance week – July 24 to July 30



I decided to take a week off from running after the San Francisco Marathon.  So not much to report.  I did sign up for two more races.  The first is called the BaltiMORON-athon, which takes place during the Baltimore Running Festival (which has 5k, 10k, half and full marathon events).  The reason for the name is because the registration includes a double race, the 5k and the half marathon.  I have a friend who did it last year and enjoyed both runs.  The race is on October 21st.


The second race is the Rehoboth Marathon, which is on December 2.  I missed this last year because I got a kidney stone, but I am planning to go for this one.  With the week off, I have just enough time to do an 18 week training plan.


I told myself that after SF, I’m not going to do any more marathons for a while.  Obviously that did not last very long.  What I do need to do, though, is to edit down my life, and make sure that if I am training for this next marathon that I am also making sure I have enough time at home with Jess and Mini.




Jess, Mini and I went to Rochester this weekend to visit Jess’s family.  It was Mini’s second trip in two weeks.  She’s been a trooper, such an easy traveler.  Our trip back to Rochester was a lot of fun, celebrated my SIL’s birthday and spent a lot of family time together.  Mini was being her usual social self, interacting and smiling at everyone she met.  Some pictures:








Maintenance week – April 24 to April 30



I didn’t run a whole lot this week, twice for around 9 miles total.  The first run was an early morning run on the mall.  It’s always nice to get out there at sunrise.  The second run, also on the Mall, was a lot of fun.  Jess and I got up at around 5am on Saturday and took Mini down to the Lincoln Memorial.  Jess walked with her while I did a few laps around the reflecting pool, and then I met up with both of them at the MLK memorial.  We walked through through the FDR memorial and Jess and I posed a picture with Mini in front of the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt.  Afterwards, we headed back to the Lincoln where Jess ran two miles with me and we did a series of pushups and body squats.  It was a great workout, and Jess’s first since having Mini.  I was very proud of her, and it was a nice way to spend some family time.


Here are a few pictures from both runs:






So, two runs for nine miles.  Overall not a high mileage week, but a good one for sure.  Next week I start the 12/55 marathon training for the SF race.




TWIR (This Week In Running):


It was just another great week, spending time with Jess and Mini.  Family time is so great.  Cheesy as hell, but even the most mundane things are really fun because the three of us are together.


It was a pretty uneventful week for the most part.  We grilled up on the roof of our building a few times for dinner.  We bought a new TV–the old one was almost ten years old (the first purchase I made after starting my first job after law school).  Saturday was probably the most eventful day.  It felt like we had four or five days wrapped into one.  We all got up early and headed to the Mall, and I went for a run.  Then I went for a walk with Jess and Mini before the three of us went on a second run/exercise.  We then headed to Eastern Market for bagels.  Came home, and spent like 3 hours trying to figure out how to install the new TV.  Cleaned our place, then went on another walk to help Jess get some new running shoes (and some Shake Shack milkshakes on the way back).


It was really hot that day too, 90 degrees, and there was a big Climate Change protest going on in DC.  Side note:  a huge pet peeve of mine is when climate activists were talking about the hot day as emphasizing the point made my the climate change march.  Those who know me know that I am strongly on the side of climate science.  But saying that a record breaking hot day is evidence of climate change is just as dumb as when the deniers mock global warming conventions that get canceled because of snow.  Weather != climate.  It’s important, especially in these times, to argue facts and to really understand what’s going on in a debate, especially when we have leaders arguing alternate facts.  Rant over.


Sunday was pretty chill.  Slept in, because Mini is awesome and let us do that.  Odds and ends, hung out with a friend, took Mini on a walk.